Grillz Base Mile End London E1

Grillz Base sources only the finest ingredients, including fresh chicken that is marinated using carefully selected garden herbs and fruits together with a combination of exotic and aromatic spices -specially blended to infuse its flavour and enhance the taste of the meat.

This together with our unique revolving open char-pit cooking system (100% charcoal grilled) creates an irresistibly mouth-watering barbeque flavour, by allowing the meat to be thoroughly cooked in its own tantalising juices. This unique approach to barbecuing means you can enjoy and indulge in heavenly food in the healthiest way possible and not feel guilty about the calorie intake (as very little to no oil is used in cooking our meat).

To compliment our barbecued chicken, we also serve fresh, crisp and nutritious salads which are smothered using homemade dressing that’s bursting with flavour. At Grillzbase we also make fresh wholesome sandwiches using a variety of low-fat fillings.